IT Operations: road to autopilot

IT Operations: road to autopilot

IT is a thriving world. It’s constantly evolving, redefining itself. Business require virtually 100% SLA times, forecast service costs, reduce product’s time to market, performance on par (or better) than their competitors.

How can we keep up with such demanding scenario?

Automation is one of the key drivers to solve the puzzle, learning new things is the other. Get ready to change, fast.

Of course, there are more required components in this ecosystem. IaaS/PaaS and CI/CD provide us the means to deploy new components, set up or reshape the environment where the application runs. Monitoring systems will give us feedback on the status of a service after a deployment; we can decide to roll back if a KPI got impacted. Security Systems/IdP to limit and audit access and privileges. Just to name a few.

One of the more immediate benefits of automation is the time saving (relevant XKCD: It also provides a framework to reproduce and test your architecture. Allows you to share and review workflows and procedures with your peers. Then, you can let your expertise shine and focus on the heart of the implementation.

Gitops workflows, containerized applications, orchestrators like Kubernetes, private and public cloud providers are some of the tools will help us to get there. It’s an amazing adventure plenty of possibilities.