What we do

We’re building innovative platforms and systems. we’ve built an all-star team, guaranteed to deliver premium solutions for our customers. Let’s face it, ever-changing technology forces strategies to constantly evolve and change at warp speeds.

Why Lunik. Explorers at Work

We offer a range of services able to handle it all – and our team is always looking beyond the usual channels to stay ahead rather than simply jumping on the bandwagon.

We create customer centric solutions, while optimising common quality attributes such as cutting edge security, performance and manageability.

Infrastructure Services

We are experts in Linux, Windows, networks, virtualization, storage, domain acquisitions, datacentre management and cloud solutions.

Database Services

We provide database management services to Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and latest non-relational databases technologies.


Specialized team of system architects that designs solutions for our clients.

Production Support Services

We monitor the availability of client systems and services and to make sure they are always up and running.

System Automation Services

Our System engineers perform integrations between systems, automate operational tasks and develop productivity tools.